My Daughter Got Braces (All Hell Broke Loose)

Daughter got braces at this Chicago DentistSo…. we had a quite an eventful month in March. We took the family to our bi-annual dental appointments for cleaning and xrays. Everything went smooth, except my daughter. She wasn’t happy with the information provided by our Chicago dentist.

If your dentist recommends orthodontics, you should seriously consider it. Getting your teeth straightened is often more than a cosmetic issue; incorrect alignment of the teeth or jawbone can cause serious dental health problems later on. Although children most often wear braces, adults can benefit from orthodontic treatment as well.


Even if you’re an adult, it’s never too late to get braces. It’s important to have a smile which looks good and keeps you happy, so it’s worth it to invest the time and money into getting the straightest teeth possible. This can open doors both socially and professionally, so consider it for yourself.

If you have braces or partials, you should consider using an oral irrigator to help keep your teeth clean. An oral irrigator should be used in addition to regular flossing and brushing. The oral irrigator effectively flushes food particles from between your teeth and brackets by using pressurized water.

Wisdom teeth are necessary in the mechanism of chewing food. Most people have their wisdom teeth extracted soon after they emerge. Orthodontist usually remove the wisdom teeth before installing braces or other corrective devices. If your wisdom teeth are causing pain, they should be pulled before they become infected.

If your teeth are crooked, you can get braces to straighten them. This procedure is usually done at a young age, but adults can also benefit from it. New techniques make it possible to wear braces that can be removed to make eating easier, and some types only need to be worn overnight.

To tell whether your child is going to need braces as an adolescent, one test is to check the gap between her two top front teeth. If there is a significant gap, it is likely that she will need braces later on to correct that hole. If not, it is more likely that the growth process will do most of the correcting of any problems in the alignment of her teeth.

Orthodontic devices can make eating a difficult task. Soft fruits, small fruits and cooked vegetables are easier to eat than raw, hard food. For example, apples should be cut into bite-sized pieces to make them more available for consumption. Avoid hard or sticky candy and don’t chew gum while wearing braces.

To get the most out of your orthodontic treatments, you have to follow your dentist’s orders after the braces come off. Wear your retainer according to the instructions that you receive; if not, you run the risk of having your teeth return to their former distortion, putting all of that money and time in braces to waste.

To ensure that you maintain dental hygiene while wearing braces, be sure to follow your orthodontist’s instructions about foods to avoid. Braces make it harder to give your teeth a thorough cleaning, especially if you consume forbidden foods. These foods can cause problems to your orthodontic care.

The bacteria that can grow in your mouth are too much for mouthwash alone to handle. Brushing and flossing are important parts of your dental hygiene routine, because they physically clean your teeth. You may hear that mouthwash alone is enough to do the job, but that simply is not the case.

Be sure to ask your dentist or orthodontist about Invisalign (invisible braces), as well.

This Great Reading Pillow is in My Bed

pillow-300x300My husband and I have been fighting over our Stress Ease Comfort Reader Pillow for a month now and I thought it was time to tell you about it. (And give one away – keep reading!) The pillow was developed by James Maas, a psych. prof at Cornell who studies all things sleep. He’s also the author of this book which I have not read, but one of you is going to get a copy of it with your fabulous pillow!

The pillow, which we received from United Feather & Down and which is available from The Great Indoors for $50, is incredibly comfortable to read with (and to watch tv with, and yes I know that’s terrible for sleep, but I so it anyway…). It includes a quality, very comfortable & soft pillowcase with a built in pocket for the hot/cold pack that comes with it. The pack is made very cheaply and it exploded and leaked scalding hot goo the first time I heated it so I can’t speak to that, but I love the design and I may get make a rice bag of similar size. (The package recommends twice the time I heated it at, so it was not user error – be careful if you use this and I do not recommend that you let children use the hot pack.)

The pillow has a nice lumbar support that especially fits my tall husband very well. (At a foot shorter than him, it’s still great for me, but it’s rare for things to fit him well). The only thing I’d love to see added is some arm supports to make holding my book up a little easier on the arms at that angle, but those might be tricky to make ‘one size fits all.’