Robeez Hits the Streets with New Tredz Sandals

robeeztredzsandalsWe told you recently about the new Robeez Tredz. My love affair continues with the launch this month of the Tredz sandals!

The sandals, like the Tredz shoes, are available in three sizes ā€“ 12-16 mos, 16-20 mos and 20-24 mos, and there are currently six available styles. They retail for $41.95.

My daughter has the fuschia flower sandal (pictured) and Iā€™m completely in love, as I always am with any new pair of Robeez. The ankle elastic allows each month range to fit a variety of sizes and ensures that the sandals are easy to get on and really stay on, and the sole is perfectly supportive and flexible ā€“ perfect for the new and exhuberant walker alike.

How great to have the comfort of Robeez, the function of Tredz and the summer style of sandals all wrapped up in one awesome little shoe!