It’s a simple wish with a simple solution. Trust women to solve it.

simplewishesThough I’ve been breastfeeding for three and a half years, I’ve never been much of a pumper. Mostly because neither of my kids has ever agreed to take a bottle, and a little because it sounds like work. I have huge admiration for pumping moms who can’t breastfeed for one reason or another but still give their child the gift of breastmilk. Now that’s dedication.

New-ish mama Jennifer tested out a new product for pumping moms for us:

Simple Wishes, a company run by four sisters, has recently introduced theSimple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bustier. While at first glance it’s kind of silly looking, it’s actually an affordable and quality alternative to (1) sitting in a chair and holding two cones on your boobs or (2) the highly unflattering and fidgety products of similar function that have been on the market for the past few years.

The design of the Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bustier is quite innovative, with adjustable straps and the option to be worn many different ways to ensure a flattering fit no matter how full a woman’s breasts are at any given time. The two front zippers allow you to move the breast shields closer together or further apart by 2 inches, and the velcro back panel allows you to adjust the ribcage band size by a full 10 inches, creating a perfect fit just for you. It’s designed with elastic reinforcement at the top for a secure & slip-free fit, and it comes with two straps which can be worn in halter, tank or racerback style. The Bustier can be worn on it’s own or slipped over your nursing bra with the flaps pulled down. When you’re done pumping, you can just pop some nursing pads in and wear the Bustier all day long. It’s machine washable too! – by Jennifer