A Pink Whale and a Very Tall Tree

apinkwhaleandaverytalltreeMy daughter is at the stage where her imagination is running wild. She is constantly coming up with stories, songs, games, and situations to reenact. Imagine her surprise when I introduced her to a CD with songs that are chock full of the same kind of wild imagery and ideas that she loves so dearly!

A Pink Whale and a Very Tall Tree is a CD that combines two of my daughter’s favorite things in the world, music and storytelling. Instead of irrelevant lyrics with no cohesive story, Shāna Barry has authored beautiful, weaving tales about an imaginary island inhabited by a family of fōfers (rhymes with gophers).

In case you were wondering (and how could you not?), a fōfer is a multi-colored furry creature that likes to ride bikes, explore the island, and climb trees.

Written and preformed by Shāna Barry, the musical stories of A Pink Whale and a Very Tall Tree inspired many conversations between my daughter and me. We sat at the computer, looking up pictures of the various animals that she mentioned, we talked about where those animals lived, and we learned what they liked to eat. And recently, she has incorporated those animals and concepts into her imaginary play!

While I would categorize this along the lines of folk music, it is by no means traditional. Reminiscent of acoustic Jewel, the soft guitar is all that is needed to provide a musical foundation for Barry to tell her creative stories. Barry’s hushed voice lends a peacefulness to the mix, while drawing in the attention of listeners. Listen to a sample track, A Pink Whale, here.

My daughter really enjoyed this CD. Her favorite track was Around the Island, which she now calls “The Animal Song.” And I must admit, the last track, The Peaceballs, is an incredibly relaxing instrumental number that I could easily use to melt tension on a high stress day! – by Christy