Kids Are Turning Green

imturninggreenIt was only a couple of months ago that we reviewed the first book from The Little Environmentalists. Their new book, I’m Turning Green, is perhaps even better than the last.

Retailing for just $7.95, the newly released I’m Turning Green is a great book to educate even the youngest of children about the ways even someone their size can make a positive impact on our beautiful planet. It gives kids tips to conserve energy, water, and natural resources. As a little girl turns green from head to toe, kids learn that the little things that they do around the home can actually help save the planet that they live on. Each page consists of a statement about something a child can do…“I help to recycle our glass, aluminum and paper. What do I see happening to me? All of a sudden I see my arms turning green!” and an additional ‘Did you know?’ fact that can start some great ongoing conversations around environmental protection at the child & family level. We’re thoroughly enjoying this book and I’m sure your family would too. Just be prepared to be nagged whenever you forget to be a good environmental steward.