Road Trip Tunes: Funky Mama’s Moo Juice

Thank you all so much for your emails and comments. Losing my Dad sucks butt, but we’re doing okay and I hear it gets easier with time, though I’m sure we won’t miss him any less. He left us with years of memories to talk and laugh about, and we’re doing lots of that.

Thanks, also, for hanging in there while I was away and unable to write or edit posts. I’m back!

moojuiceWe took a little road trip recently and used the opportunity to listen to a bunch of new kid-tunes. Each day this week will bring a review and giveaway of one of the CD’s that both the kids and my husband and I enjoyed on the trip. If we didn’t enjoy it, we’ll spare you. You’re welcome.

The first CD we popped in was the newest release by Krista “Funky Mama” Eyler. The CD Moo Juice is full of rockin’ tunes that made us dance in our seats. And made our two year old son demand that we continue to dance in our seats until the CD was over, at which time he demanded “Again!”

My Dad Rocks was a shoo in for my husband’s favourite song, obviously, and I had a hard time picking a fave. Down Down Baby and Multi-Taskin’ Mama are definitely right up there.

Check out Krista performing Moo Juice on KCTV news last year. Isn’t she just an itty bitty thing with a hugely soulful voice?