The New Parent Brain

Through the fog of the newborn phase and into toddlerhood, many parents (me, anyway) have a hard time remembering even the most basic of tasks. Forgetting to eat and drink is common during new parenthood. Sooner or later, we all remember and it’s not such a big deal. Those basic baby care tasks are often just as hard to keep track of but are a much bigger issue if you forget. There were times when I wished I had a portable brain unaffected by the crazy hormones and sleep deprivation.

itzbeenThe Itzbeen baby care timer from Coast Innovations is one baby gadget I wish had entered the market before my son was born and one I’ll be using for any newborns in my future without a doubt. Invented by new parent Greg Sheldon and his wife when they had trouble remember how long it had been between feeding and changes, the Itzbeen’s function far surpasses it’s small price of $25. What do we love about it? Everything!



  • It’s compact, lightweight and has a belt clip so you can easily carry it with you.
  • It has a soft night light with auto-shutoff.
  • It has four timers, for feeding, changing, sleeping and an extra that you can use for anything you like. We use it for timing between giving our son teething tablets.
  • Each of the timers has an optional alarm. If you need a reminder to give medication or even feed your baby, set the timer an an alarm will sound when time’s up!
  • For nursing mothers, there’s a left/right switch at the bottom to help you remember which side you last fed your baby from. No more safety pins! (At first glance, I questioned the picture of the bottle on the feeding timer, but when I saw the breastfeeding picture at the bottom beside the left/right switch, I was very impressed. Something for everyone!)
  • There’s a backlight on the control panel making it easy to see in the dark, but it’s not bright enough to wake a sleeping child.Even at ten months in, the Itzbeen has been wonderful for us. It’s no longer panic inducing if I forget to change our baby or forget what side he last nursed from, but it’s nice to know without a doubt how long Itzbeen between naps, snacks and medication administration.The Itzbeen is a TOP highly recommended product. Trust me – you want this! See the store locator for online and retail resellers.