Is the Generation of Selfish Parents Upon Us?

One of my biggest frustrations in life is viewing parents that don’t want to be parents. I believe that being a parent is one of life’s greatest privileges and get very frustrated when people that don’t want to be parents, take out their frustrations on their children. With the great privilege of being a parent, like all other great roles, comes necessary duty.

One of our greatest contributions to society, and to future generations, is how we teach our children and show them how they’re supposed to parent when they’re in this situation some day. What could be more vital to overall wellbeing of your grandkids than to teaching your kids how you can parent well?

We’ve all seen it… The mom in the grocery store that smacks her kid upside the head because he asks for a box of cookies. The family at the restaurant where the kids is about to fall out of his child seat but the parents don’t notice because their heads are stuck in their cell phones. The kid at the park that yells to his dad to check out how well he does the monkey-bars but the dads too busy looking at, and flirting with other moms to enjoy that precious time with his child.

Unfortunately, these parents are so self-absorbed that they blind themselves from being able to see how important that time is with their kids, probably because the parents didn’t want the kids in the first place or are still kids themselves – either by age or maturity.

I’m the person that wants to walk up to these parents and swat them upside the head, hoping to knock some sense into them. What really upsets me is that these are always the parents that post to Facebook and Instagram about how great their kids are, how much they love little Johnny and being a parent, and are “so VERY blessed” to be a mother or father. Except as they’re typing it, their child is trying to get their attention or is in dire straights and needs their attention but the parent doesn’t really care about that. All that parent cares about is one of their Facebook parents telling them that they’re great parents and how lucky little Johnny is to have parents like them.

It’s sick and these people need help.

What really scares me is I wonder how these kids are going to grow up. Are they going to be just like their parents, and if so, can we afford more generations like this? Or, will they do a complete 180 degree turn and be the smothering parents?

The only thing that can be certain is that these kids are going to make their parents pull out their hair when they enter high school. That’s when all the unsupervised kids in that area go to one place for the majority of the day and form groups with other kids that are just like them. These kids will influence each other and will probably be the first to take part in drinking, drugs, sex, and who knows what else.

By that time, the parents may be willing to pay a little more attention, and may even force their attention onto the kid. But by then the kids will be used to not getting attention or being supervised. They’re ready to move on with their life and they won’t feel like they need their mom or dad to help since they’ve been wandering around on their own for years, already.

If you’re worried that you’ll become on of these parents or that you’ve already become one of these parents, I recommend taking some time to focus on your patience with your children. In fact, let your kid get the occasional box of cookies. You dragged them to the grocery store, which is boring as an adult let alone being a small child. The best thing that could come out of a grocery store trip is a box of cookies. Offering them a treat at the end of the trip, in return for good behavior, is a great way to ensure your child behaves and enjoys the trip to the store.

The future of your children, as well as their youngsters, depend upon the kind of parent that you are. Recognize that raising kids is among the most important things you’ll do in your life. Please, take that seriously and offer your youngsters the moment, focus, and love that they require, and enjoy doing it. The day you come to be a parent is the day that life stops being everything about you. So please, if you are a moms and dad or ever plan┬áto be one, cherish it. The whole world will be happy you did.

If you need a “kick in your butt” to get started paying more attention to your kid, listening to the song int he video below. It always reminds me how short life is and how important a solid relationship, built around love and patience is between me and my children. Enjoy, and remember they aren’t little forever. Facebook can wait… SHARE this page if you agree.